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Dr. Annette Owens talks about different types of birth control that can be used to prevent pregnancy. This video is brought to you by iFriends. net. For more information on love and health, or to read a full transcript of this video, visit loveandhealth. ifriends. net

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    In August t, I had the contraceptive implant and gradually put on I would say at least a stone in weight! I lost my confidence in my body that I used? for? be really happy. D ‘? Be a slim size 8 (UK), I transform? 10 or 12 of my half? inf? UPPER depending on location o? I do my shopping. My belly looks around the front and I gained weight? my hips. C of t? I do not look too bad, but just the v? Wear are not good for me plus.Je really want? lose weight but I never seem to have time? because of work together. Furthermore, I can not do anything too like jogging on hard surfaces because I had an op-operation back in June 09. None of my friends are? united in sport and I would not be able to afford to join? a gym or anything. I loved playing sports such as netball and I t? really good long jump and sprinting. I never t? a? distance? person so I find the exercises a? robie boring and really work hard (m? me in top physical shape!). I need an activity? (Or several) that I can do almost every day that co? Tent or anything tr? S little that will not take over my journ? E. I know I will not be motivated? to stick? of activity? s boring, then the more fun the better:) PS – anyone else had a weight gain mass of the implant? Does it make you want to eat more? Or am I just? Be too comfortable in my lifestyle!? Thanks in advance!