Taking lots of supplements Good for u?

I take lot of supplements everyday – like fish oils, Vitamin A, zinc and magnesium pills and even those mulitivatimin pills. I was wonder is it bad or any side effects will occur? I take about 4 pills of different kind, everyday for like 3 months now and i dont feel any side effect. Should i keep on taking it ? And i’m not sick or anything – I have normal health with no history of sickness/disease.

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    3 Responses to “Taking lots of supplements Good for u?”

    1. yes it can be when you dont need them. most can be found in everyday foods. read tips on healthier eating and more to help you on this site

    2. I do the same thing and I have taken them for years without a problem. If you are not experiencing anything abnormal, I would say keep taking them.

    3. no you are better off eating a balanced diet. Only take the supplements if you checked with your doctor first. If you take too many and too much,then you may notbe able to fight off illnesses when the time comes.

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