Stress relief?

Music_Is_Life asked:

What is your best method?

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4 Responses to “Stress relief?”

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    yoga. Never would have believed it. I thought yoga was a bunch of self-indulgent people sitting around staring at their navels and intoning “ommmm.” Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I have found it to be very calming. I still can’t do as the teacher instructs: “empty your mind of all thoughts” and my mind still goes a mile a minute during yoga, thinking of everything that I have to do, etc., but nevertheless, the exercise is very good for stress relief. I have tried all kinds of exercise over the years, biking, running, etc., and while those are great, they don’t provide the stress relief of yoga.

  2. Caffeinated Content

    Have to sleep at least 8 hr/day. Exercise is one of the best method.
    Eat right, good balance meal is very important. Try to have at least 3 meals of cooked fish per week. And have lots of sex.

  3. Caffeinated Content

    find something you enjoy doing ! gets your mind off the stress!!

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