I do not believe that at this point in time there is not one family that has not been affected or will be directly or indirectly affected by this social dis-ease. . . Yes, it is about choices, but once used, and depending on the substance can have immediate affects that start a vicious cycle of tunnel vision where nothing else matters. . . very frightning. . . and, unless someone receives help in the form of intervention there are usually detrimental results. . . in the form of imprisonment or death. Our only true hope is in Jesus. . . and, as toy soldiers in this battle we are faced with day to day, we have to be armed with the full armor of God. . . Ephesians 6. . . and, with the love of God, life can be restored. The change is a process, and, no matter what you have done, your life can make a difference. . . God has a plan for each of us. There is help if you want to change the path of destruction you are on. The Rockefeller Law was created to help the law enforcement take down the big suppliers of drugs, but, the law has has a reverse affect, and now, thousands of low level drug offenders are spending many years to life in the federal system because of what somebody said. And, the taxpayers are the ones paying to house them. . These folks being held are you and me. . . we all fall down. These folks are our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, and these folks are parents to children. They deserve a chance to proove that they can become whole again and become an asset to society. We cannot . . .

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    25 Responses to “TOY SOLDIERS ~ MARTIKA ~ Lyrics”

    1. @Arti575 I can see the headlines now “YouTube viewer killed for saying “fuck eminem” by some fan with a major hard on for the populat artist.”

    2. @bigblackmanswilly .. fuck eminem?… u wanna get killed bitch

    3. All the opinions…todays songs about life are the same as the 80′s , but the 80′s didn’t glorify gangster lifestyles did they?

    4. I remember this was one bad ass song. me and my daughter and wife liked it. Still do listen often.
      The script nothing is a great song my kids turned me on to it.

    5. Songs been around awhile, nice to hear again. Nice song. Memories abound.

    6. hasiendo…. destruyendo familias niños ancianos….. acabara…… resibiremos….. destruccion..

      Por favor, demos buen ejemplo a la gente, a la juventud….. Debemos tener buena ortografía, si no, nuestro esfuerzo es vano ya que careceríamos de validéz.

      HACIENDO….. destruyendo familias, niños, ancianos…… acabará….. recibiremos…… destrucción.

    7. Hey, that was Gerry Butler’s eyes. So sexy and sweet.

    8. I’m here ’cause I SAID SO.

    9. @bigblackmanswilly SAME LOL :p

    10. Fuck eminem

      I’m here ‘cos of the simpsons :)

    11. marika sounds like roxette

    12. im here because eminem

    13. Fantástico, exelente música. Saudades!!!

    14. im a HUGE eminem fan but eminem didnt make a version of this song…he sampled the chorus and simply that…this is a great song

    15. In Memory of Caylee Marie Anthony

    16. this song smell sex why??? xD

    17. i like the song

    18. Amen to that. :)

      Beautiful song by the way… (But I’ll admit, I heard it by Eminem first… XD) I guess it’s beautiful in an eery way… Ah, I’ve never been good with words. Anyway, nice vid and thanks! ^^

    19. After hearing Eminem’s version I cant get into this song, thanks to Martiak for making the song though

    20. @Jjmvc85889 It’s Martika’s song!!!!

    21. Addiction to chemicals is hard to overcome – professional help and constant monitoring is the only way out of the tunnel…..step by step, heart to heart, left right left….eventually we all fall down. The battle wages on – time to go play :)

    22. @Jjmvc85889 ya but i like hers better because its an original, but em is good

    23. @MsHarrythedirtydog woot!

    24. I had to check out Enemas version of the song and it’s god awful. For somebody who’s giving “mad props” to a song he sure pooped on it. Even though I don’t like the guy some of his songs are catchy and this is not one of them. You can put salt and pepper on an Enema but it’s still an Enema.

    25. If you didnt grow up in the eighties you probably wouldnt have heard it, but this song was saying the same thing so many other artists have tried saying but we just werent listening and so a new artist attempts in his own way, maybe its time for us to shut up and listen and learn something from what they are saying and change the way society has come to expect what “they” believe is perfect and just except everyone for who they are not matter what!

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