Jason Wood – GM Speech

Australian politician Jason Wood making a dickhead of himself. . . . your tax dollars hard at work.

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    13 Responses to “Jason Wood – GM Speech”

    1. the implimications of this video will be grave on his career.

    2. Ahhhh, Australian politics, ain’t it grand….!

    3. hw did he even got that far in his studies… lol…

    4. Can i have a genetically modified orgasm?

    5. Clearly didn’t write the speech himself.

    6. “… the benefits and risks assodia mm associated with genetically modified orgasms … orgasm …”

      hahahahah … hahahhahahaha… now that’s funny … hahahaha … and sad :(

    7. Implimications?

    8. Jason Wood MP is the Liberal Member for La Trobe. His malapropisms in this speech are a little ridiculous, I grant you. Yet the speech is of great importance. It supports a call by Russell Broadbent MP (Lib, McMillan) for a review of the safety of GM-crops before permitting their production and sale in Australia. To read it, google this: “jason woods genetically modified crops”

    9. watch out he’ll be taking over from rudd soon with that performance

    10. Genetically modified WHAT? Lol..

    11. ROFL

    12. LOL! this is sooo soo funny!

    13. Guy looks a little nervous. And I cant blame him for that.

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