SMBC Theater – Faking It

JP and Jenny add some spice to their relationship! www. smbc-theater. com Executive Producers: Zach Weiner, Marty Weiner, James Ashby Produced by: Angel Askins Directed by: James Ashby Edited by: Christopher Joseph Color by: Chason Chaffin Husband: JP Nickel Wife: Jennifer May Nickel

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    25 Responses to “SMBC Theater – Faking It”

    1. @HaistaPaska92 Im hoping siblings.

    2. Bruce Camdalf.

    3. Watching this video, I just came three times at the same time three times.

    4. I was gonna rage when he said ‘Doctor who’s’, but I smiled when she said ‘It’s just… The Doctor.’ :D

    5. Ahh the currency of geek marriages.

    6. @HaistaPaska92
      Married. JP has a wedding ring in most sketches.

    7. 555-4928 … Guess that trick actually works…

    8. That was great, haha!

    9. “…at the same time?”

    10. They both have the same last name. Are they really married or like, siblings? That would be kinda creepy

    11. WHAT.

    12. And I’m now subscribed to this channel.

    13. I want to live next to them so I can hear that from time to time. That shit was entertaining.

    14. im glad they learned to compromise

    15. why is she reading a ginormous masonic text before sleeping?

    16. Seems like normal geek sex to me, I have no idea what you people are talking about.

    17. kinky~

    18. Lol Both the top comments are the same.


    20. David Tennant is my man crush. Tom Baker too?…You know, I can’t fault her for any of those choices. Except he-man. That’s just weird.

    21. what the hell happened at the end? lol

    22. @sulfuricSHAME I’m still amazed and bemused that this became the top comment so don’t blame me =P Guy has mad charisma.

    23. Press 8 for GANDALF

    24. @explosu Dammit I was just about to write that!

    25. Dear Jen,

      I’ve known you for quite some time. However though this was a little awkward and disturbing but yet amusing at the same time. Keep it up. :-p

      Your step-brother

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