Alan Wake Soundtrack: Old Gods Of Asgard – Children of the Elder God

New Alan Wake game confirmed! www. youtube. com A song from video game Alan Wake performed by Poets of the Fall as a band called Old Gods Of Asgard that exists in the “Alan Wake’s universe”. Lyrics: Warriors, torchbearers, come redeem our dreams Shine a light upon this night of otherworldly fiends Odin’s might be your guide, divorce you from the sane Hammer’s way will have its say, rise up in their name Oh, Memory and Thought Jet black and clawed Children of the Elder God Scourge of light upon the dark Scratching hag, you can rake your claws and gnash your crooked teeth You’ve taken slaves like ocean waves, now feel the ocean seethe Father Thor, bless this war, between the dark and light In their songs let their wrongs bring dissolution’s night Oh, Memory and Thought Jet black and clawed Children of the Elder God Scourge of light upon the dark Source: www. oldgodsofasgard. com

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    25 Responses to “Alan Wake Soundtrack: Old Gods Of Asgard – Children of the Elder God”

    1. This part was awesome!!! The best part of the game…and includes the DLC as well!!!

    2. Playing this game I was surprised that Alan Wake never went blind or at least had some slight sight problems. I think I would start having seeing issues if I started setting off flares a foot and a half away from my face constantly. The same goes with throwing flash bang grenades around all night.

    3. loooved this moment in the game. they remind me of ozzy so much.

    4. Fucking awesome game! This scene was epic!

    5. Definitely the most epic moment in the game! XD

    6. Episode 4 was of such an overwhelmingly higher quality than the rest of the game. Not that the rest of the game was bad. But good god I wish it’d all been as good as Episode 4.

    7. One of, if not THE best video game moment I’ve ever played. It was simply incredible.

    8. I cant stop playing that level, with lights, fireworks, rock n roll, owning some taken with your shotty while your friend is acting like a DJ…

    9. @flaminghippopotamus OMFG your name is amazing.

    10. Bright Falls, Rock n’ Roll capital of America.

    11. @AkatsukiYukino that’s the point. The Anderson brothers (the old gods of asgard) had been through the same situation Wake went through, except they were rockers, not writers.

    12. @Shadow14397 Sam Lake is an amazing writer, thank him XD

    13. @sokissel CUT THEM FAGGOTS UP!

    14. Great freakin’ game! >:3

    15. This song made that fight 20 times better

    16. This has to be one of the coolest songs ever in a video game :D

    17. Hey Everybody! I have just released my new electronic album “Sub-Zero” which is heavily inspired by the world and music of Alan Wake. If you’re interested you can listen to the full album on my youtube channel, as well as download the album for free!

    18. 11 Taken didn’t like the fireworks at the end of the scene

    19. one of the few great orginal games.

    20. @jestemwizirem you speak my language! i dig it! !

    21. i really want to kill zombies to this song

    22. @WhiteRoseSamurai Thumbs down for you due to bad comment… Why don’t you make up something yourself.

    23. thought this might have been an obscure Ozzy tune while playing the game… the singer vaguely sounds like him. good tune.

    24. Only 184, 039 views? Am I the only person watching this video?

    25. Bright Falls. Rock and Roll capital of America.

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