NARCONON Georgia has a crack house intervention Pt 1.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program has resulted in astonishing improvements in students who consistently report: – Ability to think more clearly. – Improved memory and attention span. – Greater energy. – Increased awareness of surroundings. – Increased feeling of general well being. – Reduction or elimination of many symptoms associated with drug addiction, including depression, irritability and fatigue. – Enthusiasm towards life. With the Narconon Drug Rehab Program, stable recovery is achievable! Once past the physical cravings, through the Narconon New Life Detoxification program, the student develops life skills that will help in maintaining a productive, drug-free life. At Narconon developing a realistic and workable sense of personal ethics and responsibility is a vital part of this recovery. Personal addiction can be ended! Our statistics at narconon show that the majority of our narconon graduates have achieved this freedom. Narconon is a network of drug and alcohol treatment facilities located throughout the world. Narconon graduates go on to do very well in life. The skills they learn at narconon will help them lead happy healthy lives. If you or someone you know abuses OTC medication please call narconon at 1-877-413-3073 or visit narconon on the web at www. drugsno. com http

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    17 Responses to “NARCONON Georgia has a crack house intervention Pt 1.”

    1. Hey I’m glad you guys do this. Some people would just chicken out and wait for the girl to come to them or something messed up like that. Good job.

    2. Keep up the good work guys.Every little counts.May God bless you.

    3. “Is this girl worth saving?” What kind of fucked question is that. She is a human being with people who love her. Of COURSE she is worth saving.

      I am glad the driver finally answered that stupid shitbag question with a great, compassionate explanation about the worth of human beings.

    4. Cool video. It’s great that Narconon offers this service. Drug addicts often need this kind of assistence to get into drug rehab.

    5. Takes some courage to do this kind of drug addiction intervention work.

    6. This is a sad thing to see happen to a girl.

    7. Yes it is!

    8. Takes a lot to go face situaltions like that, and it’s great that the people from Narconon Georgia are doing it. Drug addiction can create unbeliveably awful conditions.

    9. Wow! I can’t imagine being a parent to a girl on the streets like that. It would absolutely break my heart. Thank you Narconon for going to help her.

    10. Not the kind of thing everyone would be able to face, so it is great to see people that are wiling to get out there and do something about handling drug addiction.

    11. This is a real eye opener. Thanks.

    12. Is this service readily available for anyone who needs it?

    13. Good video on a drug intervention without all the hype, just the reality of what it sometimes takes to help someone get relief from drug abuse. Drug addicts do need help, or they would just handle it themselves. These people from Narconon Georgia should be admired.

    14. Crack is wack. Don’t look back. Narconon Rocks! Peace.

    15. Pretty interesting to see the real thing, an intervention by this Georgia drug rehab to help get get a drug addict into treatment.

    16. I am glad that you guys are availible for interventions

    17. Way to go Narconon. Thank you Bob, Ryan and Gordy for helping the young woman.

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